Friday, April 15, 2011

Shane Mauss - Jokes to make my parents proud - Going to be Huge!

Jokes To Make My Parents Proud [Explicit]

Shane is going to be huge, and not just because of the cream I gave him.  Shane's got the talent to take it to the big time and his debut album, Jokes To Make My Parents Proud, doesn't disappoint.  Part-observational and part-autobiographical, Shane takes headlines and everyday experiences and sucker punches you into seeing it through his eyes, with tons of hilarity and wit.  I can't imagine a future where Shane doesn't land a gig as somekind of funny sidekick constantly joking at the cost of some stiff actor on Thursday night NBC.  You can pick up this gem through itunes and amazon.  Shane is touring all over the place, when he stops by your town, go to a show.

Find out what Shane's up to at

Here's a clip

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tommy Johnagin - Stand-up Comedy - Class Act, Best Set Ever

Tommy Johnagin is a completely original autobiographical comedian, his debut album "Stand-up Comedy" is a natural extention of that funny bone.  Tommy is also unique in the fact that he does not curse, sure he has some adult topical conversations, but somehow he always keeps it clean.  His set about his accidental visit to the OBGYN to get a sports physical is the funniest set I have ever heard,  I was crying because I was laughing so hard.  Unbelievable, yet, everyone of his jokes hits home, as it could have been you or me, or Tommy Johnigan.  Tommy's album can be picked up at amazon, itunes, and
Tommy was the runner-up in the previous season's Last Comic Standing.  He's won numerous awards most notably "Best New Face" at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.

You can see more about Tommy at his website:

Andi Smith - Homeperm - Seriously Funny

Andi Smith's debut album, Homeperm, will hit you by surprise as unique and fresh comic from the Mid-west, where at 3 am in a Wal-mart it's not hard to feel like your better than everyone else.  Andi comes off as the girl next door and at the same time she's the girl who hates the girl next door.  Her soft spoken careless attitude sneaks up on you with a wit that is unmatched by many comics.  Her album can be found on, itunes, and

More info about Andi and her tour schedule can be found at

Watch a clip of Andi here:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moshe Kasher - Everyone You Know Is Going To Die - 2009's best new comic

Moshe Kasher, what can I say, super smart comic - not nerdy comic.  His album, "Everyone You Know Is Going To Die", is combination of his awesomely smart socially liberal commentary, with the addition of some totally hilarious studio cuts.  If you're a right-leaning conservative, I don't think this album is for you.  Moshe, one of the many awesome Bay Area comics, has won the Aspen rooftop comedy festival in 2009 and was name Itunes best new comic in 2009. There really isn't a good word in english for this album...great...fantastic...surprising, I guess I mean astounding!
Moshe's album can be purchased at, itunes, and
His website is a great place to find more info about him,
Moshe is preforming all over, catch him at the Laffhole in Seattle, WA on 4/20

Here's a clip:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dan Cummins - Crazy with a Capital F - Comedian with the best timing!

Dan Cummins - Crazy With a Capital F

Dan Cummins' second album, "Crazy with a Capital F" is his second masterpiece.  When recomending a comedy album to someone you know little about, you can't go wrong with Dan.  His odd sense of humor and perfect timing appeals to the blue-collar comedy redneck to the internet Failblog fan.  Even though I really think his first album, "Revenge is Near", is just a tad bit better, "Crazy with a Capital F" still gets high marks.
The best thing to do is get drunk and order this album online, because shopping is always fun, getting drunk is always fun, getting suprise gifts from yourself is even better!
Dan can be seen on Comedy Central Presents.
Visit Dan's awesome website
Text "dan" to 50505 to get a free (normal text message rates apply) hateful greeting card sent to your phone every Monday!

Here's a clip of Dan

Kris Tinkle - Almost Awesome - Must Have!

Kris Tinkle’s debut album, “Almost Awesome” is much more than the title gives it credit for.  From the first to last track, Kris puts out punch lines, explicatives, and hilarious stories again and again and again.  Kris tackles his own obstacles in life, not in a feel sorry for me way, but much more in a Hey, God gave me lemons, I’m making some fucking good lemonade way. His ability to simultaneously poke fun at the handicap in a way that makes the listener, again not feel sorry for them, but to realize, relate, and understand that everyone has problems.  Great album for probably the most underrated comedian performing today, outside of Canada.

Kris’s album can be purchased at,, and on Itunes.

Read more about Kris at
Kris is currently performing in the San Francisco area.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aziz Anasari - Best Comedy Album of 2010!

Aziz Ansari’s first full length album, “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening” never lets up the laughs.  Aziz has found success as a comic actor, staring in the NBC TV hit Parks and Rec as Tom the carefree player who’s always getting let down, and also as Randy the obnoxious blue comedian in the movie “Funny People” staring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen.  In this album, Aziz tells you his beef with thread counts, his cousin, and how he is experiencing his up and coming fame.  Aziz through out the entire album, sounds like one of your best friends from high school, the kind of friend who let’s you be yourself and never acts like he’s something he’s not around you.  Enjoy Aziz’s stories, you won’t be let down.

Aziz is all over the place, now I know he’s performing in London, where the food apparently sucks.

Catch him on Parks and Recs, on NBC, Thursday nights.

Here’s a clip of his stand-up material: